Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Rumours Leaks Images

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Rumours Leaks Images

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Rumours Leaks Images The Hot New leak is for the Samsung Galaxy S8, the interesting thing to notice is that it comes from Evan Blass who has a track record of providing precisely accurate leaked images of smartphones in the past.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Rumours Leaks Images
Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Rumours Leaks Images

Credits: Evans Blass Link

The Leaked Image shows both the front and back of the Samsung Galaxy S8 which follows the similar design of the current Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. It has curved glass panels on both the front and the back.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Home Button: Rumour

The interesting thing that you notice first hand is the absence of the Physical Home button on the front which is in line with the rumors. The initial rumors were that this would be baked into the screen, we can’t comment on to it given the details in the images.

The Fingerprint sensor seems to be located on top of the back, next to the camera. This small deviation from the usual standards makes it slightly awkwardly placed one given that you will have to reach out for the sensor given the big 5.8″ or 6.2″ inch size of the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Display: Rumour

The Display is assumed to be an 18.5:9 screen ratio with around 83% coverage ratio for the small bezels. The standard display ratio is the 16:9 which makes the Samsung Galaxy S8 slightly taller. The Display Screen size is stated to come in two variants with 5.8″ and 6.2″ display. With smaller bezels, the size of the phone for a 5.8″ display option does not seem to be significantly bigger than the 5.5″ of Samsung Galaxy S7; However, the bigger brother with 6.2″ screen should be quite significant.

The display is also rumored to have 4K display.

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Force Touch on Samsung Galaxy S8, Similar to 3D on iPhones

Rumors also suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S8 would have pressure sensitive display which is something similar to 3D Touch on the iPhones which is Rumored to be named as the Force Touch. It triggers with certain pressure applied to the Screen to carry out different operations for applications et cetera.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Specifications: Rumours

It is estimated to carry either the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 which performs 11% faster than the 821 and 23% better in graphics processing and also 23% more power efficient. The other options could be the upscaled Exynos Processor from Samsung.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera: Rumour

It’s likely to carry f-1.7 aperture 12MP camera, something to better than the current Camera from S7 which has a great low light performance.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Virtual Assistant

Rumors also suggest that Samsung brings in the Samsung’s version of the Google Assistant which is currently the USP of the Google Pixel.

Other Rumoured Features

  • Fast Charging, Wireless Charging.
  • Bigger Battery
  • Water Resistant
  • Samsung’s decks, something similar to the Moto’s modular add-on’s


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